How You Can Help

By making a donation to the Cdn. Friends/CCRS, 100% of your funds will be sent to Kolkata, India and administered by the Executive Director, Rig David, and Board of Directors of Cathedral Relief Service.

If a student in a CRS school had 312 INR, s/he could purchase enough school supplies to last a full school year, PLUS enough school supplies for 5 friends/fellow students.

Our donors (at present there are more than 50 of them) collect their spare change throughout the year. Pennies were popular until they were discontinued by the Federal Government. Now donors accumulate nickels and dimes, quarters and loonies, and twoonies too. We encourage donors to collect all year long because every April we all get together at the annual special “Tea” where fun is had and the total amount donated is revealed. The Cdn. Friends/CRS gives away free Coin Cups for this purpose, but some of our donors use ziplock bags. Either way, coins are collected, funds are raised, and then we submit them to CRS in Kolkata. In this way we support the education, women empowerment and health services delivered to poverty-stricken families.

If you want to save your nickels and dimes, maybe even quarters, loonies and twoonies, then donate them to the Cdn. Friends/CCRS (bear in mind we issue receipts but they cannot be used for tax purposes) we will give you a “Coin Cup” for those pesky coins that have nowhere else to go. We are proud to say that at present we have 20 Coin “Cuppers” saving their spare change in anticipation of the 2016 Tea!

Every donated dollar is sent to Kolkata:

$400 Cdn. transferred in July ( = 23,654 Indian Rupees)
$500 Cdn. transferred in December ( = 29,658 INR)

$2,155 Cdn. transferred in October ( = enough to purchase 40 Batik Bags)

$2,876 Cdn. transferred in May ( = $150,000 INR)
$132 Cdn. given in September by Joe Sladen of Vancouver, and his grandson Gil Sladen, to sponsor the school in Topsia ( = 8,400 INR)


$5,384 Cdn.